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Bound by the Threads of True Love: Burlesque or Bust

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Welcome to Camden Weddings! In today’s blog post, we are thrilled to share an extraordinary love story that transcends borders and continents. Picture this: two star-crossed lovers, their paths intertwined by fate, finally meet for the very first time at the enchanting St Pancras International in London. Fast forward nine years, and this remarkable couple, bound by the threads of true love, revisits the exact spot where their beautiful journey began.

Feel-Good Ceremonies for Fabulous Days with Celebrant Kathryn

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We caught up with new friend of Camden Weddings Celebrant Kathryn to discuss the advantages of having a personalised, unique ceremony with a celebrant! Plus, Kathryns’ Five-Step Recipe for creating meaningful, relaxed and unique wedding ceremonies for modern couples!

Camden Unlocked

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Today’s the day! It’s April 12th and time to reconnect outdoors as pubs and shops begin to reopen safely in England. All non-essential retail including… Read More »Camden Unlocked

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We Are Back!

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This past year has been one of many trials and tribulations – especially if you had a wedding planned. A day you had been planning… Read More »We Are Back!

Karen Beadle

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Karen Beadle So tell us a little bit about Karen Beadle… What service do you supply for weddings? I offer make-up and simple hair designs for… Read More »Karen Beadle

Ruby Violet

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Ruby Violet So tell us a little bit about Ruby Violet… What service do you supply for weddings? We supply ice-cream! From traditional favourites all the… Read More »Ruby Violet

BMA House

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BMA House So tell us a little bit about BMA House… Built on the foundations of the house where Charles Dickens wrote classics such as… Read More »BMA House

Bloomsbury House

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Bloomsbury House So tell us a little bit about Bloomsbury House… Located in the heart of London in historic Bloomsbury,  Bloomsbury House is a Grade II listed… Read More »Bloomsbury House

April Weddings superstitions

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‘Married ‘neath April’s changeful skies, A checkered path before you lies.’ ‘Marry in April when you can Joy for maiden and for the man.’

February Weddings superstitions

February Weddings superstitions ‘Married in February’s sleepy weather, Life you’ll tread in time together.’ ‘When February birds do mate You wed nor dread your fate.’