Having your dog at your Wedding

Having your dog at your Wedding has got to be the best thing ever for any dog lover.

Wow, I have just seen this fantastic photo on Facebook (and yes I do have permission to use it) of a friend’s sons wedding this week, I defy anyone not to say awwww!

Sam & Izzy with Mollie the Collie

For me (and anyone who knows me, knows this already) I hardly go anywhere without my fur baby, Milli.
I almost regret that I wasn’t yet owned by a dog when we got married! We missed out on some great photo opportunities.

But seriously, planning a wedding to include your four legged friend, there are a lot of things you need to consider….

  • Does the venue allow dogs?
  • What is your dogs temperament? are they super bouncy or stubborn? might they feel they need to protect you if you are showing stress? and we all know weddings can be stressful, or might they help to you to chill out by being there?
  • Will they get nervous, boisterous, anxious around a large crowd in a unfamiliar place?
  • How will your dog feel on the day? Will they enjoy the fuss and attention, they may ‘lap it up’!
  • Might they just be the cutest thing ever and steal the limelight?
  • Are any of your guests dog phobic? (probably not, as they’re your friends) but consider it, also allergies may be an issue for some people
  • Do your friends share the ‘dog hair (or pooch sprinkles), don’t care’ ethos?

Be sure to have a special dog friend or professional that can spend time with your dog, you will be busy at times. Someone who your dog trusts, knows and will be comfortable with.
Have water, distraction treats and the all important poo bags available, for someone else to assist, of course!

Apparently one in 10 British couples are now including their fur babies in their special day.

They can have a formal role, a ring bearer, carrying flowers, walk with you down the isle or just join you for photo’s.
The options are all there, just talk it though with your planner and be sure your pooch will be comfortable so you can all enjoy the best day of your lives.

Be prepared to share your day with your humans,
you’ll be dog tired later”?

Congratulations to Sam, Izzy on your Wedding Day and to Mollie the Collie,
& thank you for the use of your beautiful photograph.